US House of Representatives convenes to try to remove Trump from office
Donald Trump is to visit Alamo, Texas, in his first public appearance since the Capitol riot last week. The president has largely kept his head down since inciting the violence last Wednesday, but is expected to talk up his anti-immigration initiatives during the visit on Tuesday.
It comes as Democrats prepare to hand Mike Pence an ultimatum: move to oust Mr Trump by invoking th 25th Amendment or he will face a second impeachment vote in the House of Representatives.
Meanwhile, the FBI is warning of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and Washington, DC, in the days leading up to Joe Bidens inauguration, raising fears of more violence like that seen last Wednesday.
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Armed group planning huge uprising in DC if Trump removed by 25th amendment, says FBI
The FBI believes an armed group is planning a huge uprising in Washington DC if Donald Trump is removed by the 25th amendment, according to a report.
Investigators have been told that if “Congress attempts to remove Potus via the 25th Amendment a huge uprising will occur,” says an FBI daily bulletin obtained by ABC News, writes Graeme Massie.
The FBI has also received information that pro-Trump extremists are calling for the storming of state, federal and local government buildings and courthouses if the president is removed before Joe Bidens inauguration.
Protests also being planned at all 50 state capitols and US Capitol
Jon Sharman12 January 2021 08:10
Power slipping away from GOP, says prospective Trump impeachment lawyer
Power has slipped away from the Republican Party amid the disaster of last weeks Capitol riot, according to a lawyer tipped to defend Donald Trump if he is impeached for a second time.
Alan Dershowitz told BBC Radio 4s Today programme he believed Mr Trumps address to crowds in Washington last Wednesday was constitutionally protected, adding: He had the right to do it, but that doesnt make it right.
Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, also said he did not believe the president had committed an impeachable offence, but that he had committed a terrible political and moral sin.
I think it will hurt the Republican Party for years to come, he said. 
Dershowitz claimed Trumps address last week was typical fare for political leaders in the capital, but that he did not plan to defend it on its merits, only the presidents right to make it.
Dodging the question of whether he would take on Trumps defence if he were impeached a second time, Dershowitz said he did not believe it would get that far and that talk of another trial was theatre. He said: Im not an actor.
Jon Sharman12 January 2021 08:04
Trump to emerge from post-riot public silence
Donald Trump is to make his first public appearance since stirring up a riot and attempted coup at the US Capitol last week.
The president will visit Alamo, Texas, on the Rio Grande.
He is expected to talk up his administration’s efforts to curb illegal immigration and the progress made on his signature 2016 campaign promise: building a “big, beautiful wall” across the length of the southern border.
Trump has overseen the construction of about 450 miles of border wall construction likely reaching 475 miles by inauguration day. Most of it replaces smaller barriers that already existed, though the new version is more difficult to bypass.
Alamo is named after the San Antonio mission where a small group of Texan independence fighters fended off Mexican forces during a 13-day siege. Most of them died but the mission became a symbol of resistance for Texans, who eventually defeated the Mexican army.
Jon Sharman12 January 2021 07:28
Accountability week begins for Trump in Democrat-led House
As Donald Trump crawls to the finish line of his presidency, Democrats in the House are embarking on an historic week of resolutions to hold him and Republicans accountable for inflaming the extreme right-wing with lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, a movement that boiled over into a violent insurrection at the US Capitol last Wednesday.
The presidents Accountability Week will commence in earnest on Tuesday at approximately 7.30pm local time (12.30am Wednesday GMT). Thats when the House will vote on a resolution calling for vice president Mike Pence to remove and replace Trump as president by invoking the 25th Amendment, writes Griffin Connolly.
The vice president and his boss did not speak for a week after the Trump-incited insurrection at the Capitol, where Pence was the target of assassination threats as he was presiding over a joint session of Congress to certify president-elect Joe Bidens electoral victory.
But on Monday night, after they met in the Oval Office, Mike Pence pledged to work with Trump for the remainder of their term, indicating that he is unlikely to pull the trigger on removing Trump through the advice and consent of the presidents Cabinet.
House set to impeach president for a second time in a little over a year in what US political correspondent Griffin Connolly writes is Accountability Week in Washington
Jon Sharman12 January 2021 07:20
Good morning and welcome to The Independents rolling coverage of the presidential transition as Donald Trumps administration enters its final weeks.
Jon Sharman12 January 2021 07:15

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