Back in 2018, a startup called Lululab brought a device called the Lumini to CES. It was a system that used a multispectral camera to capture and analyze the features of your face. An AI-powered algorithm would then use that information to diagnose skin issues such as acne and melasma and recommend what skincare products you should use to treat them. The Lumini wasn’t something you could buy yourself, and that’s something Lululab wants to change with its latest iteration on the idea, the Lumini PM. 
Like its predecessor, the Lumini PM analyzes your skin and suggests cosmetics, devices and products that will help you make it look its best. The smart mirror component of the Lumini PM looks like an old Samsung Galaxy S5 — which isn’t too surprising given that Lululab spun out of Samsung’s C-Lab accelerator. You’ll get personalized recommendations through an accompanying mobile app and Lululab says they’ll also be a community component so you can connect with people who have similar skin.

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