Dear Roe,Covid has had a huge impact on my life; I lost my job and lockdown meant Ive lost contact with some friends. Now, my relationship of two years is getting strained. But surprisingly, I am quite happy about the changes. My job was stressing me out for a very long time and the friends I have fallen out of touch with had been increasingly flaky and selfish for a few years. Now Im thinking of ending my relationship but my sister and close friends are telling me not to take on another life change during Covid because it could get better when this is all over. What do you think?
This letter is short on details, particularly about whats going on with your relationship which would usually make me wary of responding. However, your letter is very interesting on a particular aspect of Covid that will take a long time to materialise fully in our lives but is worth thinking about: what in normal pre-Covid lives was actually good for us, and what were we just settling for because we were too scared to explore other options?

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