Mounting his attack against the new farm laws, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said the Acts will only allow agriculture to be monopolised by three or four ‘crony capitalists.’
“I want youngsters to understand that the biggest business in this country is agriculture. The government wants to destroy this,” Mr. Gandhi said while releasing a booklet highlighting the plight of farmers in wake of Centre’s three farm laws.
Until now, there was no monopoly in agriculture sector. These laws want to do that, Mr. Gandhi said adding that a few people were monopolising everything in the country.
Pledging his support to the protesting farmers, Mr. Gandhi said: “The government, in it’s arrogance believes they can tire out the farmers and fool them. The farmers are wiser than the Prime Minister. The only solution is to take back the laws.”
In response to Mr. Nadda’s poser, Mr. Gandhi asked: “Who is JP Nadda? Is he my Professor that I have to keep answering him?” Mr. Gandhi added: “I am not scared of anything. I don’t get scared. I am a clean person and they can’t touch me. Yes, they can shoot me  but can’t touch me.”

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