Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather shared one of the most entertaining fight build-ups in recent memory before their boxing match in 2017.
The undefeated American champion invited Ireland’s UFC sensation to temporarily leave MMA and try his hand at a different sport for an historic payday.
Dana White kept Mayweather and McGregor apart when they first faced off
McGregor owned the stage and made his presence felt
At first, very few believed the event would come to fruition.
However, a deal was struck involving Mayweather’s advisor Al Haymon and UFC president Dana White which saw the bout confirmed for August 26, 2017 as a Showtime PPV.
A four-city press tour was then announced with both fighters promoting the contest in LA, Toronto, New York and London.
Most fans expected a braggadocious McGregor as per usual, but many weren’t sure what to expect from Mayweather who was now 40 years old and had eased off the trash talk in the latter stages of his career.
The fighters had plenty to say to one another
Nevertheless, from the first face-off in LA it was clear that the old Floyd was back in action as both men jawed at each other and exchanged words.
McGregor wore a suit that he revealed said ‘f*** you’ in the pinstripes, while Mayweather came dressed in casual attire for all four events.
Astonishing crowds packed 10,000-capacity arenas across the four different cities as fans came out just to get a glimpse of the two performers.
The American got his local supporters to chant along and point when he branded McGregor, ‘Easy work’.
But it was the popular Irishman who controlled the majority of the fans and got them to scream, ‘F*** the Mayweathers.’
McGregor’s suit was uniquely designed
Floyd brought out his biggest paycheque, which was far more than McGregor had seen before
Mayweather pulled out a trump card – his $100million cheque from the Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.
He earned another of these on August 26.
A controversy emerged when McGregor’s microphone was cut off at one point during the first event.
He appeared to blame this on Showtime president Stephen Espinoza, branding him a ‘weasel’ from the second press conference onwards.
When they arrived in Toronto, superstar recording artist Drake came out to introduce the fighters.
Drake appeared at the event in Canada
The pair clashed when Mayweather claimed an Irish flag
“I’m 40, but I look 20,” Mayweather boasted before being interrupted by a quick-witted McGregor, “And you act 10!”
Floyd pulled out an Irish flag and posed with it, prompting the Dubliner to steal his rucksack filled with thousands of dollars and quipping: Why are you carrying a school bag for? You cant even read!
In New York, Mayweather made it rain by hurling a number of dollar bills into the air around McGregor.
And then finally came London.
On the final day of the tour, the pair packed out Wembley Arena.
Mayweather threw one-dollar bills at McGregor
Conor made contact at the final event
McGregor had already dominated the majority of the fan support in America, but when he arrived closer to home the atmosphere was raucous.
Chants of ‘sit down, shut up’ rang around the arena whenever Mayweather tried to speak and Conor took the opportunity to give him a little slap on the head.
Ultimately though, the boxer had seen it all before and was unfazed by anything on the press tour.
When the fight itself happened, Mayweather was of course many levels above McGregor inside the boxing ring and stopped him on his feet in round ten.
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The fight ended in Mayweather’s favour

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