AN ANTI-RACISM group has voiced its concern after racist graffiti was painted in several locations across Balbriggan, north Dublin, over the weekend. 
The graffiti, which has since been painted over by locals in the area, called on people to bring the fight to African thugs and said that African males were not welcome. 
Balbriggan has become a target of far-right activism and misinformation over the last ten years, primarily due to its ethnically diverse population, according to activist group Fingal Communities Against Racism (FCAR). 
Last August, we reported how an accidental house fire in the town was being used by the far-right to further a racist agenda. 
FCAR was set up last year when a number of high-profile, right-wing activists attempted to use the region to stir racial divisions.
It said that the community in Balbriggan has once again been targeted by far-right groups in a bid to divide the community. 
Local gardaí have been informed of the graffiti but no official statement of complaint has been made so far. 
FCAR spokeswoman Lucy Michael said she is concerned that far-right groups are using peoples fears around crime in Balbriggan to push a racist agenda on social media and elsewhere.
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Our attention has been drawn to appalling racist material circulating on YouTube, for instance. 
The far-right use every opportunity to exploit peoples fears, including fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, to stir up hatred and division and turn neighbours against each other. Unfortunately, this is part of a pattern of far-right groups targeting Balbriggan by linking crime with diversity through a narrative of racially motivated gang violence. 
Michael added that what is happening online is that Balbriggan and its young people are being portrayed in a relentlessly negative way to the country.
We would urge people to speak out against attempts to divide communities and to report any racist material they encounter on social media.
We can all make an investment in the future of Balbriggan by speaking up about the many positive aspects of living here. It is in the interests of everybody living, working and bringing up families in Balbriggan not to let a racist agenda define our town.

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