In October last year, actress Sana Khan declared that she is saying goodbye to her showbiz lifestyle in order to serve humanity and follow a religious path. She has also removed most of her fashionable photos and dance videos from social media in favour of a more modest appearance.
Now, Sana is upset that negative videos are being made highlighting her past that she has left behind. Expressing herself about the same, Sana shared, “Some people are making such negative videos on me from so long but I have been patient. But now one person made a video highlighting my past and talking absolutely rubbish about it. Don’t you know it’s a sin to make that person realise about it when the person has done tauba?? I am so heartbroken right now.”
She also wrote, ” I dont wanna name the person coz I dont wanna do what he has done to me but this is so evil.
If you cant support someone n be nice be quiet. Dont put anyone in depression with such ruthless n hard comment making the person feel guilty about their past all over again. Sometimes u repent n move on but there are some like me who at times think I wish I could go back in time n change few things. Please be nice n let people change with time (sic).”
Sana tied the knot with Anas Saiyad in November last year.

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