Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan has appealed to people who feel unwell over the weekend with Covid-19 symptoms to contact their GP immediately.
Dr Holohan said that now was not the time to adopt a “wait and see” approach.
Yesterday 55 additional deaths were reported to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), 36 occurred in February, 18 in January and the date of one remains under investigation.
Dr Holohan said that people who feel unwell over a weekend often delay calling their GP but, he said, this wait and see approach should not be adopted at the moment and he urged people to seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity. 
He also said people should not leave their houses if they have any cold or flu-like symptoms, in a bid to limit the spread of Covid-19.
Meanwhile, 827 new cases of the coronavirus were reported, while the five day moving average of new cases was 1,015.
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Professor Philip Nolan of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) said the country is making steady progress in the fight against the disease after a very challenging surge.
He said if progress continues to be made, infections could be driven down to low numbers and the scene could be set for a phased, cautious, and controlled resumption of priority activities.

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