The number of COVID-19 cases in South Africa continues to decline, with only 1,223 new cases being recorded in the past 24 hours.
24,486 COVID-19 tests were conducted over the past day, representing a 5% positivity rate.
These figures demonstrate the continued decline in the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa following a hard lockdown implemented by the government at the end of 2020.
Lockdown rules were eased at the beginning of February as new daily cases continued to decrease and the strain on the national health system was reduced.
Certain areas have higher case numbers than others, with the Western Cape continuing to lead the country in terms of infections per 100,000 population.
Check infections by ward
South Africans concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases in their neighbourhood are able to check this information via the NICD’s official coronavirus dashboard.
This dashboard offers an interactive map that provides COVID-19 case numbers for each ward in the country, allowing users to see exactly where COVID-19 cases have been recorded in their city.
The interactive map can filter recorded COVID-19 by province, district, subdistrict, and ward, and uses a colour-coded overlay to demonstrate the locations of COVID-19 hotspots at a glance.
Other information includes a breakdown of infections by age group and gender, as well as a historical record of total daily cases.
To check the COVID-19 cases in your neighbourhood, simply zoom in to the ward in which you live or work and click on your suburb for more detailed information.
The following information is available for each ward:

  • Total cumulative cases
  • Latest number of cases recorded
  • Cases by gender
  • Cases by age group

For example, selecting Ward number 60 in the City of Johannesburg Metro district, which includes a large part of Braamfontein, shows that a total of 11,715 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in this area, with one new case being recorded in the last testing round.
Screenshots of the interactive map and ward-level COVID-19 breakdowns are shown below.
COVID-19 interactive map
COVID-19 ward information

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