On Tuesday, NASA released a series of videos showing a continuous rover landing after falling into the planet’s atmosphere on Mars, revealing deep scenes of the Mars landing.
Mission teams at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California have released 30 gigabytes of data and 23,000 images of the spacecraft. The video includes 4,500 images that NASA plans to release on Monday.
Perseverance Entered the atmosphere of Mars Last week, it was wrapped in a protective cover and landing gear called a skycrane, which was then applied by jolts to reduce speed near the surface. The set includes four cameras to record the descent sequence: one facing upwards on its protective back cover, the other on the landing section and two on each side of the rover. Together they captured the beautiful views of the landing craft.
“I can watch these videos for hours and see new things every time,” Mission Chief Entry, Landing and Demarcation Alan Chen told a news conference.
Imaging company FLIR introduced four cameras, of which NASA made some changes. “You can buy a similar camera online,” Dave Growell, chief engineer of EDL Camera System, told a news conference in March 2020.
The on-board microphone picks up sounds as soon as the vehicle appears on the surface.
The data began to flow through NASA’s Deep Space Network last Thursday and Friday.
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