The schools minister said teachers would have to show evidence for the grades they give, as part of checks against grade inflation.
Nick Gibb told BBC Breakfast: “Teachers will be required to produce the evidence and the second layer of quality assurance is checking by the exam boards.
“So if the grades when they are submitted, if in a particular school they look very out of line with the achievements of that school in the past, that will be a signal for the exam board to pay extra attention, maybe pay a visit to that school to make sure that the evidence the teacher has collected to justify that grade really does justify that grade.”
Asked whether he accepted grades would be inflated this year, Mr Gibb replied: “Well, that’s why we’ve put in place all these different checking mechanisms to make sure that there is consistency. But it is very important that the pandemic does not prevent students from going on to the next stage of their careers, whether that is to college or to university or to an apprenticeship, so we want to make sure that, despite the disruption that students have faced, they will still be able to progress.”

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