The International Space Station (ISS) will be passing over the skies of Australia over the next two nights.
So where and when is the best time to see it where you live?
On Monday night, sky gazers in Brisbane should keep their eyes peeled for a bright dot passing over the city skyline at around 6.44pm local time.
The space station will be seen approaching from the south-west and will then disappear in the north-east around 6.51pm, so youll have to get your timing right.
You wont need a telescope – the space station will be visible to the naked eye.
In Perth, youll have the longest viewing opportunity – at 7.50 pm local time for six minutes.
Outside of Queensland, youll be able to see the ISS on Tuesday – if you live on the east coast, that is.
Youll be able to see the space station fly over Sydney on Tuesday at 8.33 pm – but only for two minutes before it disappears.
If youre in Melbourne, youll have from 8.31 pm to 8.36 pm to catch the flyover.
In Canberra, you can watch it from 8.32 pm to 8.36 pm.
And in Darwin, the ISS will be viewable from 8.40 pm.
Computer artwork of the International Space Station. Credit: SCIEPRO/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra
The International Space Station orbits Earth about 15 times a day, but the next two nights are the best opportunity in recent times to get a clear view.
Its not visible all the time, Australian National University astrophysicist Brad Tucker told the ABC.
The only time to see it is in the early evening or early morning hours when the sunlight reflects off of it and comes back down to earth.
The International Space Station has been orbiting Earth since November 20, 1998.
It is staffed by rotating crews of astronauts and cosmonauts conducting research on unusual conditions in Earths orbit – such as gravity, radiation and climate change – to understand the effects of long-term space exposure on the human body.

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