The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has seen great sales recently. The company has sold over 590,000 units of the premium grade handset lineup, which is the highest it has ever recorded since the Galaxy S8 that sold over 620,000 units.
According to a GSMArenareport, this marked a new high for the South Korean tech giant in the past four years. Within the first month of the new series going on sale, the Galaxy S21 lineup shipped nearly twice as many units in comparison to the Galaxy S20 series from last year. Furthermore, analysts from South Korea revealed that the primary reason behind high sales was Samsung’s ability to expand its 5G presence while keeping the price tag in check compared to the predecessor.
To elaborate on this, the base model of the Galaxy S21 starts from 990,000 KRW (roughly 870 US Dollars), which is about 20 percent lower than the base Galaxy S20, which costs around 1,248,500 KRW (roughly 1,100 US Dollars). Similarly, the company also saw great success in the mid range segment thanks to its Galaxy A31, which became the best selling handset in its home market. Furthermore, the demand for low end smartphones was much higher last year, as people preferred more affordable devices during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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