Big Hit Labels has released a campaign film with the theme, What do you believe in?
ENHYPEN starts off the video as they row a boat through space together and battle a monster in a VR game. At the end, they say, I believe in teamwork.
Next, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, NUEST, TXT, and BTS each appear in their own segments and reveal what they each believe in. SEVENTEEN believes in setting goals, GFRIEND in myself, NUEST in smile, TXT in pineapple pizza, and BTS in connection. Finally, the video asks, What do you believe in?
Big Hit Entertainment previously revealed that the company would be changing its name to HYBE and using the slogan, We believe in music. Big Hit Entertainment will be addressing the name change at their general shareholders meeting on March 30. Ahead of the meeting, Big Hit Entertainment will hold a corporate briefing for institutional investors and analysts on March 19 to introduce the companys new name and brand identity.
Watch the campaign film with English subtitles below:
Catch ENHYPENs reality show ENHYPEN&Hi here:
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