It seems that all the fuss over bullying allegations in our local showbiz scene has died down. (Hey, look at that, just in time for Star Awards 2021!)
And it seems that things are rather quiet leading up to the yearly star-studded affair happening this Sunday (April 18). Well, mostly. There are still some celebrities who have given us some interesting tidbits on social media this week and we’re taking a look at some of them.
Chen Hanwei removes social media post
Does this have something to do with the recent string of bullying allegations flying all about? This recent post by local actor Chen Hanwei included a video of a cute doggo trying to fit its snout in a gap, and also a photo of a clove of garlic wedged into a peeled orange. 
The caption read: “Not everything can be this cute when it tries to fit in. Don’t force it if you can’t fit in. Even if you do, you’ll be considered an outsider.”
What made this interesting is the fact that local actor Chen Hanwei removed this seemingly innocuous Instagram post that people thought was a comment on the Sora Ma bullying incident.
In fact, his manager told 8Days: “Hanwei posted [the video] of the dog because he thinks it’s cute. It has nothing to do with the bullying allegations.”
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Terence Cao and Zoe Tay dance to K-pop
The Queen of Caldecott Hill surprised people when she joined local actor Terence Cao for a dance class.
She was wearing a mask in the video that was shared by Terence and it was hard to make out her facial features but she was tagged in the post. From skateboarding to showing off some cool K-pop moves, it seems there’s nothing that she can’t do.
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Vivian Hsu shows off abs
Wow, look at those sick abs.
In a recent fitness event, Vivian Hsu wore a cropped top that displayed her sculpted abs and we can certainly see why she was invited to grace the event.
It’s also probably a safe bet that everyone wants to know what her diet and fitness plan is.
Henry Cavill goes Instagram-official with girlfriend
And with that, the internet’s perfect geek boyfriend is off the market.
In a recent Instagram post, the Superman star showed off his love Natalie and the loving couple posed for a shot in the middle of their chess game.
He wrote: “This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie, destroys me at chess.”
We all need a man to look at us the same way Henry gazes tenderly at Natalie. Sigh.
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