18 Apr 2021, 10:53 AM IST
The coronavirus has accounted for more than 3 million people worldwide, which is more than any other epidemic has in the 20th and 21st centuries. But there have been some instances which can be compared to COVID. Here are some:
The Swine Flu had a death toll of 18,500 since it was detected in 2009, but according to experts, the toll was much higher- even upto 575,000. Every year the seasonal flu takes the lives of 290,000-650,000 people. In 1918-19, the Spanish Flu killed around 50 million people and is known as the biggest catastrophe of modern pandemics ever.
COVID’s death toll is much higher than the deadly Ebola, which was first detected in 1976, having killed about 15,000 people in Africa. Although it has a higher fatality rate than COVID at 50%, it is less contagious than other diseases.
By far, the deadliest of viruses, around 33 million people have died because of the disease and no cure has been found for it. There are some medicines that stop the virus in its tracks and reduces chances of infection, but AIDS has still accounted for 690,000 deaths in 2019.
The SARS was the first coronavirus that was detected in 2002-03 but killed merely 774 people. If one compares the death toll of coronavirus, it is 3 times that of Iran-Iraq war.
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