Summons in the suit preferred by Krishna Kishore Singh (Plaintiff) was issued by a single judge Bench of Justice Manoj Kumar Ohri.
It is the Plaintiff’s grievance that many people took the death of his son as an “opportunity to get fame by developing different theories/stories”, at the cost of his and his familys reputation.
After learning about movies based on the late actor, like Nyay: The Justice, “Suicide or Murder: A star was lost”, Shashank, the Plaintiff apprehends that various plays, movies, web series, books, interviews or other material may be published which would harm the reputation of Sushant Singh Rajput and his family.
None of the makers behind these movies came to the Plaintiff to obtain his consent or permission, it was stated.
According to Plaintiff, any publication, production, or depiction of the private life of Sushant Singh Rajput is a blatant and willful breach of fundamental right to privacy which cannot be taken away without the prior approval of his legal heir.
It was further urged that the “personality right of celebrity” be acknowledged at par with an intellectual property right.
“..the late actor, Sh. Sushant Singh Rajput was well known celebrity and had become a household name, thus it is right time that courts of our country shall acknowledged the right of celebrity at par with an intellectual property right since the personality of celebrities are being misappropriated for wrongful commercial gains at the cost of fame, reputation and privacy..the use of his name/image/caricature/lifestyle without his consent amounts to violation of the personality right and copyright solely vested with his son,” the suit said.
It was further alleged that these ventures are “designed to malign” Sushant Singh Rajput’s image and to “derail” CBI investigation into his death.
As a prayer, the Plaintiff not only sought an injunction against the makers of the above-named movies with respect to the name, caricature etc of the late actor but against any other unknown persons as well.
The Plaintiff sought Rs 2, 00,02,200 as damages from the such movie-makers for loss of reputation, mental trauma and harassment.
Senior Advocate Vikas Singh appeared for the Plaintiff. The suit was filed through Advocates Varun Singh, Akshay Dev, Abhijeet Pandey, Samruddhi Bendbhar ofSKV Law Offices.

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