On April 24, D-CRUNCHs agency announced that O.V and Hyunwook tested positive for COVID-19.Hello, this is AI Grand Korea.
We would like to share that D-CRUNCHs Hyunwook and O.V have tested positive for COVID-19.
The two members underwent voluntary testing as a precautionary measure because they experienced slight cold-like symptoms, and on the morning of April 24, it was confirmed that they had the virus.
Hyunwook and O.V stopped all activities and immediately entered self-isolation, and they are taking necessary measures provided by the health authorities.
The rest of the members as well as all staff members who had overlapping paths or came in contact with D-CRUNCH were tested, and we will take appropriate measures as soon as the results are out.
D-CRUNCH will be temporarily halting group activities, and we will announce their schedule through the fan cafe later.
We will actively cooperate with the governments policy to conduct an overall inspection of the entire company to check whether there is any risk of further infection, and we will do our best to manage our artists.
We sincerely apologize for causing concern.

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