Samsung became the first major brand to bring foldable smartphones to the masses in the form og Galaxy Fold. It later expanded the portfolio by introducing the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, thats not where the Korean smartphone maker plans to stop now. It has filed a 52-page document titled “Foldable electronic device including electronic pen.” Whats interesting here is that the patent shows a double-folding phone that features three displays. The firm also calls it as a “multi-foldable device” in the patent found by LetsGoDigital.
From the looks of it, the central display is wider while the other two are narrow. Both can be folded inwards and cover the entire main screen. There is also some space in between the folded screens to accommodate the stylus. However, the illustrations also show an outward folding design. As for the S Pen, it is said to feature magnets and support high-speed charging. The accessory has been mentioned in the patent. Also mentioned is that when the phone is not folded completely but the S Pen is still stuck to it, the accessory will go in a standard charging mode.
Samsung Galaxy Folding smartphone. (LetsGoDigital)
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Furthermore, the handset might feature two selfie cameras inside a double punch hole cutout. This comes in addition to an in-display fingerprint sensor and a piezoelectric speaker that will also be placed under the screen. As for the main camera, there might be two sensors placed at the back.
However, all of this is a patent for all we know right now, and seems like a pretty ambitious idea of a foldable phone by Samsung. However, fans can still be excited thinking that the fact that Samsung has filed a patent for this such a product, does say that the company thinks it can actually make one in future.

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