SINGAPORE – A woman dressed in pink was caught in a video dated last Wednesday (April 21) on an East-West Line MRT train grilling passengers about their ethnicity while purportedly taking videos of them.
In the video uploaded by Twitter user Ryan Kalmani, the woman was heard claiming she was from Hwa Chong, and questioning other commuters in the cabin about their education.
When another commuter identified herself as Malay, the woman then said: “Malay is it? Okay, no wonder.”
The woman also claimed she was being harassed by the commuters, and had allegedly counted the number of Malays in the train before making those claims.
She also mistook a Filipino as Malay.
The Straits Times understands that the woman’s mental state is currently being assessed.
Following the incident which went viral on Twitter, netizens uncovered a YouTube channel which is allegedly run by the woman in the incident.
The channel has a total of 29 video uploads.
Of these, 28 are clips lasting between one second and more than five minutes, alleging racism in public places against the woman who took the video.
However most of the clips, which include titles such as “Malays Harassing Chinese” and “Indian sexually harassing 56 year old Chinese lady”, appear to show people going about their day in public places.
The woman’s face can be seen in some of the clips, which show her accusing several members of public of being racist and harassing her.
In other clips, the members of public appear to be unaware she was taking a video.
The oldest clip on the channel dates back to December 2016, but the rest were uploaded between April 2019 and earlier this month.
Netizens have also dredged up personal details of the woman and shared them online.
In response to queries regarding the incident on the train, a police spokesman confirmed that police reports have been lodged and a 57-year-old woman is currently assisting with investigations.

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