Three people in a red Mercedes found their safety hanging in the balance when the car was suspended six metres above Clementi Road on Wednesday (April 28) morning.
The driver told The Straits Times that she was on the way out after buying flowers at Corona Florist and Nursery at around 10.20am.
However, she lost control of the vehicle and crashed through a railing at the edge of the nursery which was partly located on a rise. 
She managed to stop the car but found herself and her two passengers hanging precariously at the edge that overlooked the main road.
Fortunately, the nursery’s workers noticed their predicament and rushed to help the trapped trio, Shin Min Daily News reported.
Four workers rushed to the car and pressed down on its boot to prevent the vehicle from falling over the edge.
They later opened the doors, helping the driver and the front passenger to make a careful exit. The passenger in the back seat also got out of the car safely.
The driver told the Chinese daily that she suspected that her car brakes were faulty and said she intended to send her car for servicing.
Following the incident, the pavement and first lane on Clementi Road were cordoned off and the car was towed away at around 1pm.
The police said no injuries were reported and investigations are ongoing.
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