European Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will brief member states this morning by video link from London, where he is continuing to negotiate with the UK on a future relationship treaty.
While there has been progress on a range of issues, it is understood serious gaps remain on fisheries, the so-called level playing field, and how to settle disputes.
Mr Barnier is due to update ambassadors from 27 EU member states on the state of play in the negotiations, which remain delicately poised.
There have been reports that some capitals are nervous that Mr Barnier is offering too many concessions in order to secure a late stage deal.
Mr Barnier has already stretched the terms of his mandate by offering to forgo up to 18% of the value of the fish caught by EU fleets in UK waters.
This has been rejected as derisory by the UK, but there are reports he is also prepared to offer other concessions such as customs facilitations at Calais and rules of origin when it comes to the make up of manufactured goods.
French president Emmanuel Macron said last night he would be particularly vigilant in the need for what he called fair competition and fisheries.
Diplomats have also warned against any further attempt by the UK to breach the Northern Ireland Protocol when London introduces the Finance Bill next week.
There are reports the Bill could seek to allow UK ministers to take unilateral decisions on any tariffs that might apply on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and on Northern Ireland’s place in the EU’s VAT system.
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