Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Monday morning, firing rubber-coated bullets, tear gas, and sound bombs at Palestinian worshippers, wounding hundreds.
The latest violence comes as occupied East Jerusalem braces for a planned Jewish nationalist march through the city later on Monday. The annual Jerusalem Day Flag March marks the day East Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and later annexed by Israel in a move not recognised by the majority of the international community.
It usually sees young Zionist activists walk through Palestinian areas in the Old City and East Jerusalem neighbourhoods in provocation.
Here are the latest updates:
Red Crescent: More than 300 wounded so far
A Palestinian man lies on the ground after Israeli forces shot a rubber bullet at him near Lions Gate in occupied East Jerusalem [Ibrahim Husseini/Al Jazeera]
At least 305 people have been wounded during the Israeli raid of Al Aqsa Mosque compound and the surrounding areas in occupied East Jerusalems Old City, the Palestinian Red Crescent said.
About 228 have been transferred to three hospitals in occupied East Jerusalem, and seven are in critical condition.
According to the Israeli army radio, 21 Israeli forces were wounded.
8 mins ago (10:39 GMT)Al Aqsa Mosque compound gates reopen
Israeli forces withdrew from Al Aqsa Mosque compound, allowing Palestinians trapped inside to leave.
Others however, chose to remain and have embarked on the cleaning up process.
(@HanadiQH) May 10, 2021
Translation: Cleaning operations underway in al-Qibli Mosque in preparation for noon prayers.
.. ..
AlQastal (@AlQastalps) May 10, 2021
Translation: Jerusalem is victorious. The worshippers begin cleaning the squares of the Al-Aqsa Mosque after the withdrawal of the occupying forces.
Meanwhile, Jerusalems Mufti Muhammad Hussein said it is the Islamic worlds duty to guard Al Aqsa Mosque.
What is going on is a crime perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against the right to hold prayers, he said. It is a crime against the people of Jerusalem but their actions will fail.
26 mins ago (10:20 GMT)People were on the floor suffocating
Ibrahim, 17, was inside the Al Aqsa mosque praying when Israeli forces suddenly raided the compound at 8am local time (6:00 GMT).
The Israeli police rushed through all the gates of Al Aqsa, maybe 1,000 of them, and they started firing rubber bullets and tear gas, he told Al Jazeeras Ibrahim Husseini.
One policeman threw a stun grenade inside the mosque and the carpet caught fire. I barely escaped.
Ibrahim said he went to seek shelter in the clinic, but Israeli police forced their way in.
They sprayed pepper gas and lobbed stun grenades even though people were getting treated there, he said. People were on the floor suffocating.
There were many wounded inside. Finally, the police  ejected us out of Bab al-Asbat (Lions Gate), pushing us with every step we took.
A Palestinianman helps a wounded fellow protester during an Israeli crackdown at Jerusalems Al-Aqsa mosque compound on May 10, 2021 [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]
46 mins ago (10:01 GMT)Israeli settler runs over Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem
At least one Palestinian has been injured after an Israeli settler ran him over with his vehicle near Lions Gate in occupied East Jerusalems Old City.
A video shared online shows the Israeli settler driving on top of the pavement and knocking the Palestinian down.
Video reportedly of an Israeli settler ramming into Palestinians in #Jerusalem. Several injuries are confirmed.
Nour Odeh #NojusticeNopeace (@nour_odeh) May 10, 2021
Ofir Gendelman, the spokesman for the Israeli police, tweeted a longer video that showed Palestinians throwing stones on the settlers car prior to the ramming.
Another video shows an Israeli police officer standing in front of the settler with his gun drawn, shouting at the Palestinians. The settler then spits at them.
Israeli occupation officer seen pointing his gun at Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem, to protect the Israeli settler who had just run over a Palestinian protester who is left to bleed on the
mhmd (@MohamedHemish) May 10, 2021
An estimated 35,000 Jewish settlers under Israeli police protection are expected to march through the Palestinian areas in the Old City in celebration of Jerusalem Day a date that marks the annexation of East Jerusalem to Israel.
Palestinians see the marches as a deliberate provocation, and many are forced to remain at home or close their shops to avoid confrontations with the settlers.
1 hour ago (09:33 GMT)They were firing rubber bullets randomly at everyone
Nour Mtour, a Palestinian woman who spent the night inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, witnessed the beginning of the crackdown by Israeli forces early Monday.
Snipers went on the roof of the gate at the mosque compound and began to shoot rubber bullets at everyone women, men, everyone, Mtour told Al Jazeeras Dareen Jubeh. At the same time a huge number of police forces invaded from different directions.
I saw the Israeli police attacking the paramedics with batons who were doing their job. They were firing rubber bullets randomly at everyone. The police wanted to empty Al-Aqsa.
The 35-year-old said a lot of people were injured.
I tried to help a wounded man who got hit by a bullet in his head, but I couldnt reach him as police fired a tear gas canister at me, she said.
Israeli security forces detain a Palestinian protester by the Damascus Gate in Jerusalems Old City on May 10, 2021 [Emmanuel Dunand/AFP]
2 hours ago (09:04 GMT)Pakistan PM condemns Israeli attack
Imran Khan, Pakistans Prime Minister, has decried the Israeli storming and attack of Palestinians at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.
Strongly condemn Israeli Forces attack esp during Ramazan on Palestinians in Qibla-e-Awaal, Al-Aqsa Mosque, violating all norms of humanity & int [international] law, he wrote in a Twitter post.
We reiterate support for Palestinian ppl, he added. He called on the international to take immediate action to protect Palestinians & their legitimate rights.
Strongly condemn Israeli Forces’ attack esp during Ramazan on Palestinians in Qibla-e-Awaal, Al-Aqsa Mosque, violating all norms of humanity & int law. We reiterate support for Palestinian ppl. Int community must take immed action to protect Palestinians & their legitimate rights
Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) May 9, 2021
2 hours ago (08:46 GMT)Red Crescent: 215 injured, four in critical condition
Palestinians evacuate a wounded man during clashes with Israeli forces in front of the Dome of the Rock Mosque at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalems Old City Monday, May 10, 2021 [Mahmoud Illean/AP Photo]
The Palestinian Red Crescent said the number of people wounded has risen to 215, with 153 hospitalised and at least four in critical condition.
A Palestinian medic told Al Jazeera a worshipper was shot in the neck with a rubber bullet.
Abdullah Idris, a Palestinian stuck inside the Al Aqsa Mosque, told Al Jazeera the compound is a battlefield.
The worshippers are suffering from tear gas inhalation, he said, coughing. There is no respite except to get close to the mosques windows to breathe some fresh air. Medical teams are still prevented from accessing the wounded.
Palestinian medics evacuating a wounded man outside of the Al Aqsa Mosque compound [Ibrahim Husseini/Al Jazeera]
Sheikh Raed Dana, an official with the Islamic Waqf, told Al Jazeera he was beaten up by Israeli forces.
They started kicking me and pushed me to the ground even after I showed them my work ID, he said. They then ejected me from the compound.
2 hours ago (08:28 GMT)Six Palestinian journalists injured amid Israeli raid on compound
Palestinians evacuate a wounded protester amid clashes with Israeli forces at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalems Old City on May 10, 2021 [Emmanuel Dunand/AFP]
Six journalists suffered tear gas inhalation during their coverage of the Israeli raid on the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, local Palestinian sources said.
The journalists have been identified Usaid Amarneh, Mohammad Samreen, Liwa Abu Armila, Ethar Abu Gharbia, Ahmed Jaradat and Rami Al-Khatib.
Another journalist, Fatima Al-Bakri, was physically assaulted by Israeli forces..
4 hours ago (06:47 GMT)Red Crescent: Hundreds wounded with 50 others hospitalised
Israeli forces prevents Palestinian medical teams from entering Al Aqsa Mosque compound [Ibrahim Husseini/Al Jazeera]
The Palestinian Red Crescent said hundreds of Palestinians have been wounded, including a medic, and 50 others hospitalised.
There are hundreds of people injured from the clashes, the group said in a brief statement to journalists, adding its medical teams were prevented from accessing the scene of the violence.
Several videos showed tear gas canisters fired inside the Al Qibly Mosque, and stun grenades were fired on Palestinian women worshippers inside the Al Aqsa Mosque itself.
(@halakhalayleh) May 10, 2021
Dozens wounded inside AlAqsa Mosque compound, as Israeli forces deploy tear gas and stun grenades in the mosque yards, locals say.
Rania Zabaneh (@RZabaneh) May 10, 2021
5 hours ago (06:16 GMT)Israeli police ban settlers from reaching Al Aqsa compound
Israeli police have barred Jewish settlers from accessing the Al Aqsa Mosque compound  which Israelis mark as Jerusalem Day.
The decision came hours before a planned march by hardline Israeli nationalists through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalems Old City, an annual event widely perceived as a provocative display of Jewish hegemony over the occupied city.
Police have allowed the flag-waving parade to take place despite growing concerns that it could further fan the flames.

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