Twitter has suspended another account linked to sacked Sunday Independent columnist Eoghan Harris.The Northern Whig account (@whignorthern) is the latest to be suspended, taking the total number of accounts suspended to ten. It was pinpointed in a lengthy article by the paper’s editor Alan English explaining why Mr Harris had been let go from the column he had written for two decades.Mr Harris has denied being involved with the Northern Whig Twitter account, according to Mr English. 
Mr English wrote that an account which Mr Harris admits to contributing to, under the name Barbara J Pym, had tweeted details of the paper’s polling on a United Ireland before they were publicly available. He said that his suspicion “immediately fell” on Mr Harris and that within a minute of the issue being raised with the veteran columnist, the tweet was deleted.
Mr English said the Northern Whig account had tweeted regularly about “Lady Macbeth” and that this was a reference to Francine Cunningham, the wife of INMs publisher Peter Vandermeersch.
Mr Harris has denied any element of misogyny or sexism in the tweets from the account run under the name Barbara J Pym which has also been suspended.
Social media company Twitter said on Friday it had suspended a total of nine accounts it thinks are linked to the anonymous account run by Mr Harris. It said platform manipulation is strictly prohibited under the Twitter Rules.
The account you referenced was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam, the company said.
We also suspended eight accounts linked to the account referenced for violating our policy on platform manipulation and spam. Using technology and human review in concert, we proactively monitor Twitter to identify attempts at platform manipulation and mitigate them we will continue this approach to platform manipulation and any other attempts to undermine the integrity of our service, a Twitter spokesman said.
The accounts repeatedly targeted journalists and figures seen as too soft on or too close to Sinn Féin, including Irish Examiner Political Correspondent Aoife Moore.
Mr Harris denied the account was anything other than a benign platform to allow him and five or six others to connect with Northern loyalists.
He said that as the former curator of the Barbara J Pym Twitter account, his efforts were designed to oppose Sinn Feins campaign to bully Northern Protestants into an Irish Republic.
Both Manchester author Paul Larkin and filmmaker Sean Murray have begun legal proceedings against the owners of the Barbara Pym account.

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