If Resident Evil: Village has taught me anything, it’s that video games need more 9ft tall, badass female antagonists.
Lady Dimitrescu is, by all accounts, a badass bitch who I hope crushes me with her 7ft long legs. And that’s great, but it got me thinking about all of the other iconic female antagonists who have paved the way for her.
So, on account of the fact that we can never have too many strong-ass women in gaming, I have taken it upon myself to reminisce some of the best villainess’ we’ve ever had.
Alma Wade – F.E.A.R
Alma Wade – F.E.A.R
Despite being the lowest on the list, Alma Wade never fails to give me nightmares. I mean, who the heck let this demon child into the world? Kill it before it lays eggs.
Alma Wade is the main antagonist in the F.E.A.R series, who is seeking revenge against Armacham Technology Corporation after they used her for a number of secret projects and experiments in an effort to use her psychic abilities for their own financial gain.
Honestly, I’d be filled with vengeance and rage too. 10/10 understand where she’s coming from, 0/10 would not like to encounter her in a dark hallway.
Jacqueline Natla – Tomb Raider
Natla – Tomb Raider
Natla – full name Jacqueline Natla – is the CEO and owner of Natla Technologies. She is the video game equivalent of “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss.” She would rip you limb-from-limb, then write you a cheque for her time.
If that wasn’t already an impressive resume, she was also one of the three legendary Rulers of Atlanis, alongside Qualopec and Tihocan. However, in true girlboss fashion, she abused her power to create a master race of Atlanteans using genetic engineering (I mean, Tony Stark could NEVER).
She’s a badass bitch and I am equal parts attracted to and terrified by her.
Ultimecia – Final Fantasy VIII
On the topic of absolute queens, we simply must talk about Ultimecia. In my humble opinion, she is one of the hottest villains in all of video game history.
She’s a powerful and talented sorceress who just wants to make herself one with existence to become an all-powerful goddess (relatable, imo).
She rocks a red gown better than Jessica Rabbitt and pairs it perfectly with giant horns that prove she’ll absolutely destroy you if you ever tried to mess with her.
Do I want to be her? Do I want to be with her? Do I want to be as far away from her as humanly possible? Who knows!
Gruntilda – Banjo Kazooie
Gruntilda – Banjo Kazooie
Gruntilda Winkybunion, aka Grunty, is serving some serious Wicked Witch of the West vibes and I am here for it. She’s the main antagonist in Banjo Kazooie and honestly, she deserves more recognition than she gets.
She’s a magical witch with powers strong enough to do almost anything.
Sure, she kidnapped Banjo’s sister Tooty and tried to steal her beauty, which is a pretty rude thing to do. But honestly, I don’t blame her. That is simply the price we pay for beauty and I, for one, will not judge her for it.
An icon.
Sylvanas Windrunner – World of Warcraft
When it comes to evil queens, you simply can’t forget Sylvanas. She was once the leader of the Horde, but as of the last two expansions (Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands) is now a main antagonist in the franchise.
I mean, you have to applaud that transformation, right?
She’s a Banshee Queen and an all-round icon. Honestly, I would not dare to mess with her.
Before she became a banshee, she was the epitome of beauty with long blonde hair and a stunning complexion.
After becoming a banshee, she actually fared better than most when it came to looks. But if you thought that was going to stop her from being an evil force to be reckoned with, think again.
Sylvanas will rip you limb from limb and comes very, VERY close to being my favourite antagonist of all time.
Carmen Sandiego – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego – PC/Mac
The titular character and the main antagonist? Get you a girl who can do BOTH. Carmen Sandiego is the ultimate female antagonist and they even named the whole damn franchise after her.
She’s the world’s most wanted criminal (badass) and the head of the Villainous International League of Evil (VILE, for short).
But the really iconic thing about miss Carmen Sandiego is that this is all but a game to her. She’s out here committing major crimes, not for gain, but for fun.
And hoo boy, it’s a game she plays well.
Name a more iconic female antagonist, I’ll wait.

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