When it comes to the PlayStation 5 ecosystem, it appears that the console is not the only thing missing from many gamers’ household. There is a section of the community that is crying out for more games, in particular, new and shiny ones. That is an understandable take, of course, considering the hefty investment put into the machine. Sony knows that, and PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has reiterated that there are more than 25 new PS5games in development in a new blog post interview.
More importantly, almost half of those are brand new IPs. Those tired of sequels and seeing similar blockbuster titles may have some cause to rejoice. However, the bottom line is clear that this current drought of sorts has a light at the end of the tunnel.
Hulst also emphasised the importance of having new creative ideas come to the fore for new PS5 games.
“New IP is the lifeblood of gaming. But, new IP is just one aspect of our strategy. Ultimately, I want PlayStation Studios to be fiercely daring, to take risks. I want us to continue to embrace the legacy of PlayStation, pushing the boundaries of gaming, keep making games that matter. Games that, probably, wouldnt have been made anywhere else.”
Hermen Hulst, PlayStation Studios
This makes perfect sense. This approach caters to hardcore supporters of the PlayStation ecosystem while giving newcomers an opportunity to come on board. The new IP for Bend Studio is but one of the many indicators of this direction for Sony.
Unfortunately, just like the console supply, the COVID-19 pandemic has done its fair share of damage. Studios have to work differently, and development for PS5 games has been hampered one way or another.
The delay of the next God of War game is emblematic of the situation facing developers. Yet, it is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to making new experiences for players.
The other big tentpole release, Horizon Forbidden West, is on track for the holidays. At least, for now. Even with so many new PS5 games in development, it is still important for us to have some patience.
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