President Donald Trumps campaign committees spent more than $1.1 million at his own properties in the final weeks of the presidential race, The Washington Post reported Friday.
That makes an astonishing total of $6.7 million in campaign donations that have been poured into the coffers of Trumps own businesses, according to campaign finance reports, the Post noted.
Trump Victory a fundraising committee managed by the Republican National Committee and Trumps campaign spent $1.06 million at Trump properties in September, October and the start of November, the Post found. Trumps own campaign spent an additional $66,000.
The filings were short on details, but many expenditures were for overnight stays or facility rentals and catering at a number of venues.
Trump visited his own properties nine times in the campaign homestretch and held a number of fundraisers at the sites, according to the Post. The money have boosted the bottom line for the presidents properties as they have struggled amid the COVID-19 pandemic to fill rooms and restaurants.
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