RTE wrapped up the latest series of one of their most popular shows last night.
While it was only two years ago, events that aired in the 2019 episode of Reeling in The Years still felt like they could’ve happened in 1999.
We had Donald Trump visiting Doonbeg, Notre Dame burning and the Dublin footballers completing a five-in-a-row to make history in the GAA among other notable moments.
But with the ending (which we’ll get to in a second), a horrible realisation came over many people on social media.
This will be the last Reeling in the Years episode for at leastnine years.
One said: “Looking forward to watching #reelingintheyears 2020 in ten years time, in which we find out what happened with that virus thingy that they alluded to at the end there.” with a second adding “So its a 10 year long cliffhanger till the next episode?”
While an RTE programme maker wrote: “Huge congratulations to John ORegan, Ronan Murphy, Eoin Cody, Colm O Brien, Nathan Nugent and all involved in this series of #ReelingInTheYears Hopefully see you all same time, same place in 2031” which earned a response from another user who said “When you put it like that, it seems a lot further away. Therell be flying cars and teleporters and that sort of carry on by then.”
And they couldn’t really have ended last night’s episode with anything else.
After joyous scenes of celebration across the world on New Years’ Eve 2019, the episode segued into a World Asia report about a ‘mysterious’ virus that was causing pnemonia and issues in the Wuhan region of China.
We don’t know how the producers are going to fit everything to do with what we now know is the coronavirus into the 2020 episode.
Alas, we have to wait nine years to find out.
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