Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) Much importance and focus have been given to COVID-19 since the tumultuous year of 2020 at the expense of managing chronic illnesses. Yet in that same period, the top four leading causes of death are ischaemic heart diseases, cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. As chronic diseases, these conditions entail sound management and close monitoring.
The Health Department echoes these findings. According to the latest DOH data, deaths due to ischemic heart diseases and diabetes mellitus exceed their average in the last five years. Now, imagine someone with chronic diseases like diabetes not getting regular check-ups. Setting aside consultations about our health could cause fatal harm in the long run.
Mobility restrictions in constant flux and the risk of getting infected outside have made these more challenging. Of course, visiting hospitals and clinics is a double-edged sword. Patients who want to be diagnosed or treated might also be exposed to COVID-19.
Good thing that one can now access healthcare via telemedicine. One of the telemedicine platforms recently launched is Natrapharm Health Information Program (Natrapharm-HIP) Virtual Clinic. A public service of pharmaceutical company Natrapharm, Inc., the platform continues its mission of improving the lives of Filipinos by giving them access to quality healthcare.
As a virtual clinic, Natrapharm-HIP connects patients to over 7,000 validated doctors nationwide – among them are HMO-accredited – with an extensive selection of specialties. It offers services that make medical consultations safer and more convenient. Sign-up and use of the platform are free but consultation fees apply.
Heres how Natrapharm-HIP works After you sign up at, start your search by location, specialization, name, or hospital. Then, click SEARCH to view results. Once youve found your doctor, click Book Now to schedule an appointment.
Mild COVID-19 cases can also be managed at home through Natrapharm HIP Virtual Clinic. With the platform, there is no need for you to go to a crowded hospital. If you need to consult your doctor regarding symptoms you are feeling but you are anxious to go out, Natrapharm HIP Virtual Clinic is your safest option.
The platform also lets patients keep track of their appointments through real-time SMS alerts and HIP inbox notifications. With Natrapharm HIP Virtual Clinic, users can monitor their health by recording their daily weight, blood pressure, and body temperature. Patients can also use the platform to upload lab results and keep prescriptions online for better medical records safe keeping.
To those who are wary about their personal information, the platform has been subjected to cybersecurity testing and various security measures to ensure that information and data remain protected. Natrapharm-HIP was created by Natrapharm, Inc. through a solutions provider, AP Global IT Solutions.
Telemedicine is a necessity even beyond the current pandemic and Natrapharm HIP is the telemedicine platform for all your medical concerns. Sign up for your free account today at

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