The mother of a young Cork man who went missing “in a disoriented and confused” state in New York last Saturday has spoken of her relief after he was tracked down following a stay in hospital.Ryan Cody (23) from Fermoy, Co Cork was last seen outside Austin public gastropub in the Forest Hills area of Queens at around 8pm last Saturday.His brother Anthony Cody said that they were very concerned for Ryan as he lost his glasses and is “virtually blind without them.”
Mr Cody had been complaining about dizzy spells and was put in to an Uber by his roommate on Saturday. He got out of the cab and was last seen outside the Forest Hills pub. It has since emerged that he did present in hospital and is now safe and well.
Well wishers in Ireland had raised 12,000 to help family members with costs associated with making the journey to the US to find Ryan.
In a Facebook post his mother Noreen Cody said that she could never repay family, friends and the wider community for their support in recent days.
“My family here and my friends. I have been off social media since Ryan went missing but they keep updating me.
“My neighbours, Fermoy guards, Dr Marty Moller, Interpol, NYPD and the power of social media.
“Every person in New York that searched for him. I will never forget ye all.”
Ms Cody said she couldn’t describe what these last few days have been like; “no one should ever have to go through this.”
“He is never getting outside the garden again!” she joked.
His brother Anthony Cody said that the family appreciated all of the efforts made on their behalf.
“We have found Ryan. He is with family friends now. He was in hospital and is a bit shook by all this. Thank you everyone for your donations. We will let ye know when we know more.”

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