Princess Diana had dreamed of becoming a princess long before she had met Prince Charles.
According to a new feature-length ITV film, the late Princess of Wales had fantasized about marrying Prince Charles as teenager and had a massive crush on him, before the two actually met.
The never-before-heard claims were made in the film that showed rare archive footage from the life of the late Peoples Princess.
Her cousin Diana Macfarelene explained how while everyone else in Dianas class had posters of singers and actors hanging up on their wall, Diana had put dashing pictures of Charles at her bedside.
We all used to have pictures of various popstars that we liked. The Monkees, Rod Stewart, people like that,” said the princess cousin.
“I can tell you she used to have photographs of Prince Charles around her bed at West Heath. A sort of childhood crush really. With Diana it was always pictures of Prince Charles. She had a schoolgirl crush on him for a very long time, she recalled.
“The dashing young man – absolutely. So she would have been 14 or 15, she added.
Her cousin remembered Dianas charming personality, saying: “She was full of life, great fun, loved a giggle, wicked sense of humour. I think we used to think you could get away with something naughty looking angelic afterwards.

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