WhatsApp is finally releasing its much awaited view once feature on Android today, announced WABetainfo.
The feature was announced a few days ago and is now all set to launch.
The new feature will allow you to send pictures and videos that can only be viewed once. It will also allow you to verify if the recipient has opened the media.
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To check if the feature is available on your WhatsApp, simply check if there is a view once option while sharing media.
The sent images can only be viewed once and you receive a notification when the recipient has opened it.
The media disappears from the chat once you have viewed it. This will allow users to save up on space.
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The read receipts option, if disabled, will still allow recipients to see if you opened the photo or video to view it once. However, you cannot see when the recipient opens your media.
View once may be used to send photos and videos in groups. In groups, you can see when other participants open expiring photos even if you have disabled read receipts. Information about the seen status can be found in Message Info.
WhatsApp does not have screenshot detection so recipients might save the expiring photo or video by taking screen shots or screen recording.
If you send an expiring photo to people who do not have this feature enabled, the view once feature will still work.
Blocked contacts will also be able to view the photos and videos if you are in a common group with them.
WhatsApp beta for Android is marked as the compatible version for this feature. The activation for iOS beta testers will be following later.

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