Donkey Kong has been missing in action since the port of Tropical Freeze arrived on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. More recently though, there have been rumours about Nintendo EPD (the team behind Super Mario Odyssey) working on a new video game entry in the DK series.
Leaker Zippo previously “backed up” these rumours and now they’re at it again with a fresh update about what’s apparently going on behind the scenes. In a new blog post, they claim Donkey Kong is going to be the next big Nintendo IP to be transformed into a multimedia juggernaut.
It’s not just going to be a “one-off”, according to their sources – the plan is to go beyond games with a brand new animation, a theme park expansion (as rumoured) and merchandise. Signing off, the leaker says “DK is being taken seriously” again by Nintendo and claims the details about all of this will be revealed soon.
“I’ve been told by multiple people that Donkey Kong is the next franchise in line to follow Mario in Nintendo’s push for their game franchises to become multimedia juggernauts.
“Donkey and co. aren’t just getting a new game, they’re getting animation (Before this catches fire, my sources did not specify whether or not this was a movie or a show, just that an animation featuring DK characters was early in the works.) a big theme park expansion, merchandise, etc. This new game is not just a one off, DK is being taken seriously at the big N again, and that should be good news for fans everywhere.”
Nintendo has mentioned on a number of occasions how it’s interested in expanding its reach. So far this includes work on a Super Mario film and the recent launch of the theme park Super Nintendo World – so it would make a lot of sense for Donkey Kong to join in on the fun.
There’s also been plenty of evidence suggesting Super Nintendo World will eventually be opening a Donkey Kong expansion. As of March this year, even more discoveries have been made.
What do you make of this latest rumour? Would you be interested in a new Donkey Kong animation? How about a new game and more focus, in general, on DK and his pals in the future? Leave your thoughts down below.

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