Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently issued a warning to users of GB WhatsApp, a clone app that is gaining a rapid audience.
It stated that users may face permanent blocking from the messaging platform if continuous use persists.
In this piece, The PUNCH highlights the features, risks, and other things you need to know about the app.
What is GB WhatsApp?
GB WhatsApp is an application that bears semblance of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp but contains extra features that are not found in the original app.
GB WhatsApp, alongside other clone versions of WhatsApp, claims to offer more privacy options and other benefits than the main app.
Features of GB WhatsApp
*Ability to read receipts of specific contacts
*Allows longer group names up to 35 characters
*Ability to view stories after 24 hours
*Extension of broadcast list from the actual 250 to 600 users
*Ability to view deleted messages
*Ability to auto-reply individual messages
Note that these features may differ depending on the version of GB WhatsApp that is downloaded.
How to download GB WhatsApp
As an unofficial app, GB WhatsApp is not available for download on Google Playstore or any approved Android app stores.
Users download this app from unsolicited platforms and APK download websites which may not be safe.
Risks associated with GB WhatsApp
Some download websites may contain viruses that would affect the mobile device and put your smartphone at a greater risk.
Also, the app does not come from a trusted source and could have some hidden indicators that may tamper with users’ privacy.
WhatsApp has warned that if users fail to switch to their official Whatsapp account, they may be suspended or blocked from using the app.
Asides from the threat to permanent blocking, Whatsapp also warned that such clone apps also violate security practices.

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