Housing Minister Darragh OBrien has hit back at Fianna Fáil leadership rival Jim OCallaghan as war threatens to break out in the party over its disastrous by-election performance in Dublin Bay South. Meanwhile Belfasts culture divisions appear intractable as the annual Orange marches and celebration of the Twelfth leave Catholic neighbours anxious about today. 
‘This guy is a dirtbag’
Dustin Poirier doesn’t hold back after victory over Conor McGregor
Fianna Fáil at war
It was a day of high drama that heightened the prospect of a leadership challenge to Taoiseach and party leader Micheál Martin.
Warning: Dont have Botox or lip fillers before Covid jab
People have been advised not to get invasive cosmetic treatments including fillers two weeks before or after receiving their vaccine.
The Twelfth of July
Its Friday night and theres broken glass and discarded beer bottles, while outside the gates theres graffiti on one of the walls reading: We are the Taliban.
Worst-hit county in Ireland
Recent figures showed Buncrana had a 14-day incidence rate of 608.1 per 100,000 while Carndonagh had the third-highest rate of infection at 489.3
Sophie Toscan du Plantier: could a cold case review solve the mystery?
A garda source said detectives will sift through the information, separating the wheat from the chaff, before deciding on the next steps.
Pharmacy waiting lists for vaccine
Young people registering with multiple pharmacies for their Covid-19 vaccines are expected to cause delays in the roll-out of jabs.
Children face risk of long Covid
An infectious diseases expert has warned Ireland needs a plan for treating long Covid as the Delta variant rips through the countrys young people.
Coalition is left mauled by Ivana Baciks victory for Labour
The senators win in the Dublin Bay South by-election leaves the Government parties facing awkward questions
Psychedelics could contribute to alleviating mental health problems
Michael Pollans controversial new book examines natural highs

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