A health minister has said he would continue to carry his face covering around with him even after legal measures have been lifted, as the official messaging takes a more cautious tone. 
While several colleagues – including Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor – have said they will “ditch” theirs as soon as possible, Edward Argar told LBC radio: “Speaking for myself, I will continue to carry my face mask in my jacket pocket.
“And the sort of circumstances where I would wear it, where I would encourage others to do so, are the sort of things that Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer set out a week or so again.
“If, for example, you are in a crowded train, if you are in a setting like a hospital where the relevant authority requires you to wear it, or where, as common courtesy, if you are in an indoor environment with someone who clearly feels uncomfortable with you not wearing it, it would be common courtesy to put it on then – that’s how I would behave.”

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