The Hubble Space Telescope, since its launched in 1990, has been stunning people around the world with its beautiful images. For the past few days it was down after being hit by a computer glitch. Thankfully, the telescope has powered on once again. To celebrate this victory, Nasa took to Instagram to share a post about one of the most intriguing objects in our Milky Way galaxy whose image was captured by the telescope back in 2016. It is a massive star trapped inside a bubble. Their post has now intrigued people. There is a possibility that it will amaze you too.
The space agency started their post by explaining the problem that the telescope faced in the past few days. Hubble recently ran into an issue with its payload computer which controls and coordinates science instruments onboard the spacecraft. Today, teams have successfully switched to backup hardware to compensate for the problem! After some initial calibration of the instruments, it will resume normal science operations, they wrote.
In the next few lines they described about the star trapped inside a bubble. The star inside this Bubble Nebula burns a million times brighter than our Sun and produces powerful gaseous outflows that howl at more than four million miles per hour, they wrote. Based on the rate the star is expending energy, scientists estimate in 10 to 20 million years it will explode as a supernova. And the bubble will succumb to a common fate: Itll pop, they added. The post is complete with two incredible images.
Take a look at the post shared on Instagram:
Since being shared a day ago, the post has gathered more than 2.2 million likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people.
This is beautiful, wrote an Instagram user. Wow, shared another. Absolutely amazing, expressed a third.
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