Kate Garraway has shared an update on husband Derek Draper as she reflects on the NHS pay rise today.
Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kate reflected on a three per cent pay hike for NHS workers.
Kate was hosting the show alongside Richard Madeley on July 22 – and admitted NHS staff are still “keeping” Derek going and crucial to his recovery.
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Kate said: “That makes all the difference and knowing when to call in the big consultant and work on it. I can’t say enough: they do deserve more. But it is also a difficult decision for the government to work out how to balance and go forward and deal with the tax rises we may all have to face, you know?”
Richard said: “I think you… I think you do incredibly well keeping your journalist’s hat on in a situation you are so incredibly immersed in on a personal level. But you are able to take a step back from it and ask straight, journalistic questions. I take my hat off to you.”
“Doctors, nurses are still very much involved in keeping Derek [Draper, her husband] going now, so you know, the job is not done and we need to ensure there is enough there for them to keep going…” said Kate.
Richard replied: “Of course they are.”
Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said the 3% pay rise for NHS staff in England and Wales is “fair”.
He told Sky News: “The independent review has recommended a 3% increase and the Government has decided that we’ll go with the independent review.
“I think that’s entirely fair. Obviously we’d like it to be more but you’ve got to remember we spent £350 billion to deal with the pandemic.
“I think 3%, which, after all, was what the independent review came up with, is a fair number.”
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