Its the Shine Ya Eye Housemates first night in the House and they spent it getting to know óne another.
Once they had gotten over their excitement of being officially welcomed into the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House, the Housemates set about establishing themselves in their new home by assigning responsibilities, and in the process, got to know each other better.
Delegating duties
Whitemoney soon settled into the role of delegating tasks based on the skillsets of each Housemate.
To accomplish this, they explained what they were good at and what role they would be able to play in the House.
The roles ranged from cooking, health & fitness to personal grooming.
Even though they spent a lot of time debating who would be responsible for cooking, they agreed that Whitemoney would assume that role.
A major selling point must have been his experience in the restaurant business.
As soon as the roles were delegated, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates made their way to the living room, where they spent the rest of the night getting to know one another.
Each Housemate took turns talking about their backgrounds. Their stories ranged from their personal struggles growing up to earning a living and how being persistent got them to where they were now.
Where are the ladies?
Female Housemates will be announced soon, the organisers say.

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