Hanks for nothing. Rapper and son of famous people Chet Hanks recorded a video where he appears to understand the importance of Covid vaccinations then says hes only kidding.
Super important PSA guys lets get thru this together, Hanks labels the video he posted on Instagram Tuesday (Aug 10).
The video is shot inside a parked car where a solemn-looking Hanks begins his public disservice announcement seeming sincere.
Look, Ive been kind of on the fence about this for a while, thats why I never spoke on it, he says. But with the amount of people I know recently that have gotten Covid, and with the numbers rising, I think its important for me to say I got the vaccine I think everybody should.
Hanks humbly speaks about the obligation Americans have to one another to keep their countrymen safe, then breaks character and rants against the deadly virus that hospitalised his parents, actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, in March 2020.
Pscyh! the White Boy Summer singer says. Bch! If it aint broke dont fix it. I never had Covid. You aint sticking me with that (expletive) needle. Its the (expletive) flu. Get over it, OK?
The 31-year-old Los Angeles native then recommends that people who are ill should stay indoors. Many of Hanks 527,000 Instagram followers agreed with his sentiments.
You are my idol Chet, reads one post.
Covid has killed more than 617,000 Americans, and infections are on the rise once more. It has claimed nearly 65,000 lives in California, which is the highest mortality rate in the country. New York Daily News/Tribune News Service

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