Game announced that it will give vaccinated South Africans discounts on all of its products as part of its Vax Appreciation Wednesdays campaign.
The retailer’s vice president of marketing, Katherine Madley, said Game was offering this “thank you” for vaccinating as it considered the health and safety of its staff and customers a top priority.
“We believe in the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccination in keeping our stores safe and comfortable for our shoppers, said Madley.
Due to this conviction, Game is offering a 10% discount to customers who have been vaccinated to thank them for their role in “keeping its stores and the country safe”.
The promotion will run every Wednesday between 18 August and 15 September and will be available at all 118 Game stores in South Africa.
To qualify for the discount, a shopper must produce their vaccination record card together with an ID or passport at a till point.
Receivers of both the first and second doses will be eligible.
Madley added Game respected people’s freedom of choice to get the Covid-19 vaccination and would by no means oblige its customers to share their vaccination status.
“However, we have seen firsthand the effect Covid has had on the consumer budget and lifestyle and aim to support South Africa and its people in the recovery from this.”
“This is our way of thanking customers for making our stores safe, Madley concluded.

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