Tweeted videos show an Antifa protester alleged stabbing two Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night. Additional videos show the man being captured by police after the Trump supporters retaliated and took him to the ground.
A pair of videos tweeted by Mauro Gomez reportedly shows a “BLM/Antifa allegedly stabs 2 Trump supporters.”
Part 2
Mauro (@mauricioxgomez) December 13, 2020
People surrounding the man can be heard yelling, “Knife, knife, knife.”
Photographer Shane B. Murphy reported via Twitter that four patients were transported to D.C. hospitals with varying injuries after “Antifa-BLM militant stabbed several Proud Boys.”
#Washington#DCFOUR patients being transported with various injuries after an Antifa-BLM militant stabbed several Proud Boys.
Shane B. Murphy (@shanermurph) December 13, 2020
Murphy tweeted another video from independent journalist @elaadeliahu showing the knife attack from a slightly different angle.
#Washington#DC*potentially disturbing*Alternate angle of stabbing in DC.
Shane B. Murphy (@shanermurph) December 13, 2020
A video tweeted by Eric Thomas shows one of the stabbing victims being tended to by police.
a #ProudBoy is stabbed during a fight with #antifa and requests MPD attention.
eric thomas (@justericthomas) December 13, 2020
Miss N0b0dy tweeted another video showing a second stabbing victim being tended to by Trump supporters and police.
Miss N0b0dy (@MissN0b0dy1) December 13, 2020
Another Twitter user showed video screenshots he claims show a knife being held by an Antifa attacker. He also cited the Washington, D.C., knife laws.
Inb4B-b-but proud boys had open containers before wahhhhh
Enter-Your_Name (@tr00p3RR) December 13, 2020
More confrontations continue as Antifa and Proud Boys clash in the streets.
More confrontations between #antifa and the
Miss N0b0dy (@MissN0b0dy1) December 13, 2020
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