Daniel Dubois was taken to hospital following his stoppage defeat against Joe Joyce.
The 23-year-old was counted out in the tenth round of his heavyweight clash with his British rival on Saturday night after his eye closed up and he didn’t feel able to continue.
Daniel Dubois was BEATING Joe Joyce on two of the official scorecards
Dubois is understood to have been whisked to Moorfields Eye Hospital immediately after the fight with suspected damage to his orbital eye bone.
He had been the favourite to win the domestic dust-up in London, and was leading on the scorecards at the time of his stoppage.
One judge even had Dubois winning by five rounds on the night, with another official giving it to the younger man by one.
The other judge scoring the bout had Joyce winning by three rounds.
That arguably seemed a more fair assessment given the relentless pressure and pedigree from the 35-year-old’s extensived amateur background which ultimately made the difference.
Judge John Latham had Dubois winning by five rounds on his scorecard
Speaking after the fight, Carl Frampton accused Dubois of quitting against Joyce, who moved to 12-0 and snatched his fellow Brit’s unbeaten professional record.
I think that we all like Dubois. Hes a likeable guy,” the former two-weight world champion said.
“But if it is someone we didnt like, we would say he quit there. I think he quit there.
I have to be brutally honest here. Lets call a spade a spade, he took a knee from a shot in the eye. His eye was a mess, his eye was closed.
Dubois unloaded power shots as many predicted, but they had little effect on the veteran
But the jab of The Juggernaut proved too powerful a weapon
But I get dragged out of the ring, I wouldnt take a knee.
“I had Dubois a point up at the time of the stoppage, it was a close fight.
You have to call it what it is; Dubois quit. But, he is a young kid and he can still come back.
Dubois gave a short interview before being taken to hospital and insisted he had no choice but to stop.
“He caught me with another jab to the eye. I could hardly see out of it,” he said.
“I cant explain it. Im a tough guy and I will come again.
Dubois – heavily tipped as a future heavyweight world champion – will now hope he has escaped serious damage and can soon get his career back on track.

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