When KFC teased fans back in July with a video promoting a KFC gaming console complete with a chicken chamber, many people presumed it was just a clever marketing stunt.But the fast-food giant has now surprised everyone claiming the product is indeed real and, that while you can’t fry your chicken inside the console, you can keep your pre-cooked KFC warm while you are gaming.
However, KFC hasn’t announced any information on how or where gamers can get their hands on the item.
In a tweet on Tuesday, the official KFCGaming Twitter account revealed that the KFConsole is real and not a hoax.
The product, which looks a bit like an air fryer, promises “cross platform compatibility” and True 4K resolution with 120 frames per second gameplay for gamers.
With fans confused about how a console can safely cook chicken, KFC confirmed the console doesn’t cook chicken, but keeps pre-cooked chicken warm.
The KFC console comes off the back of the launch of the latest PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
The KFCGaming Twitter account has been flooded with comments, with some still questioning if it is a real product.
“I am confused. Is this really a joke or real?” one user questioned.
Another user commented: “It … it is real … is this seriously the note 2020 is going to end on? After all the insanity that’s already been thrown at us? Just when we think the world can’t get any stranger?”
One user said: “It’s probably just a prebuilt custom PC with KFC branding.”
Another said: “It is a real thing that exists in the world” and another user commented: “I can finally play with my food!”
“Omg I need this in my life,” another commented.
One Twitter user said: “Where do I sign up??? I need one of these in my life.”
KFC is known for pulling marketing stunts, including hyping fans up about a KFC chicken computer keyboard with a chicken drumstick mouse.
Other stunts include a KFC fried chicken-scented sunscreen, KFC nail polish that tastes like fried chicken and KFC Crocs shoes.
In 2019, KFC released a real game called I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Game.

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