We all know just how much your daily coffee can add in up cost, especially this time of year.Which is why you might be excited to learn there is a free coffee deal lurking on your receipt if you shop at Woolworths.
The supermarket is giving customers a free coffee of their choice when they spend $30 or more in one transaction.
All you need to do is hold onto your receipt, which will have a barcode at the bottom which you can present to your nearest Woolies Metro’s cafe section.
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A Woolworths spokeswoman told news.com.au the freebie coincided with the supermarket launching its new coffee bean blend.“We know our customers are increasingly looking for great, local neighbourhood shopping experiences and a great coffee can be part of that experience,” they said.
“Woolworths Metro recently launched a new coffee called Two Seeds, a blend of two sustainably sourced, speciality-grade coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil.”
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The offer, which is for a limited time only, has so far proved a hit with shoppers who no doubt need an extra hit of caffeine while shopping at the moment.
“The offer is proving incredibly popular with our customers and we’re delighted by the positive response we’ve received so far,” the Woolworths spokesperson said.
The free coffee offer can be redeemed at all Woolies Metro cafes in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.
It’s not the only sweet deal out there, with budget-savvy mums sharing on Facebook how they manage to get their Christmas shops for free.
Using the Australian supermarkets loyalty programs, Woolworths Rewards and Coles Flybys, shoppers told how they scored their family’s festive feasts by not paying a cent.
One woman showed off her impressive Christmas grocery shop unpacked in the Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia Facebook page, after saving up her Woolies Rewards points all year.
Another shopper shared in the She’s on the Money Facebook page how she had paid just $27 for a car boot full of groceries by simply scanning her loyalty card.
All she did was “scan our Woolies Reward card each week” and save the points for the end of the year, she said.
“They key is to press ‘activate’ on all the bonus offers that come to your email,” she said.

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