Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday set out his governments energy roadmap, envisaging more than double the share of cleaner natural gas in the consumption basket, diversifying sources of energy, connecting the nation with one gas pipeline grid and bringing affordable fuel to people and industry.
Inaugurating a 450-km natural gas pipeline between Kochi in Kerala to Mangaluru in Karnataka, he said India under his government is seeing unprecedented work on highways, railway, metro, air, water, digital and gas connectivity which will aid economic development.
The government has an integrated approach to energy planning. Our energy agenda is all-inclusive, he said.
While on the one hand, natural gas pipeline network is being doubled to about 32,000 km in 5-6 years, on the other, work on the worlds biggest hybrid renewable plant combining wind and solar power has started in Gujarat.
Also, the emphasis is being laid on manufacturing biofuels as well as electric mobility.
In 10 years time, petrol will be doped with as much as 20% of ethanol extracted from sugarcane and other agro products, he said.
This would help cut reliance on imports for meeting oil needs as well as reduce carbon emissions.
Alongside, the share of natural gas in the energy basket is being targeted to be raised to 15% from the current 6.2%, he said.
The pipeline grid will help improve clean energy access as well as also aid in the development of city gas projects, he said.
Mr. Modi said 900 CNG stations were set up till 2014 after the advent of compressed natural gas as fuel for automobiles in the country around 1992. In the last six years, the number of CNG stations has gone up to 1,500 and the target is to take them to 10,000, he said.
Also, 25 lakh households had piped natural gas connections for using the fuel for cooking purposes till 2014 which has risen to 72 lakh now, he said.
We are working to provide clean, affordable and sustainable energy, he said.

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