A vegan social media influencer has posted a TikTok video of a woman who questioned her decision to wear a G-string bikini at a family beach. Natasha Maree shared the video on her TikTok account @GetFitWithNatasha, which has 119,000 followers, showing the moment she and her boyfriend approached the woman at an Adelaide beach.
The committed vegan captioned the video with the comments “Karen doesn’t want me in a bikini” and accused her “having a go” and calling her tiny swimsuit “inappropriate attire”.
In the video Natasha is standing at a beach shower when the woman walks up a ramp from the beach to wash sand from her feet.
As the woman walks away Natasha’s male friend, who is filming, asks her whether she likes the outfit.
“You think the G-string is not good. Not a fan?” he asks.
The woman replies, “It’s great but there are a lot of kids here, a lot of families here and a lot of people are like … dressing like that.”
“But thanks for putting me on Facebook,” she says, and strolls away.
Opinions was divided among the comments posted on Natasha’s TikTok page, with some in support of the G-string, others claiming it was too revealing and some suggesting the exchange was a set-up.
“To be honest I don’t want my kids seeing chicks a*** out everywhere, far too little clothing for a family beach just my opinion,” one person wrote.
Another said the G-string was “inappropriate” for a family-friendly beach.
TikTok user Ric defended the woman, saying “She has the right to have an opinion. She’s no Karen”.
But Natasha had her supporters, who defended her choice of swimsuit and praised her trim figure.
“Why people think showing skin is shameful! This isn’t the early 1900s,” one user posted.
“Since when can’t kids see bums,” another wrote.
“Those are standard bikinis and this generation of kids needs to learn a natural human body isn’t something to hide from,” posted one person.
Others suggested the video encounter was something of a set-up, saying “I don’t think that woman said anything until she was asked for her opinion” and “how cute that you got your wee phone out asked her opinion and then posted it to the internet.”

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