The West Australian Government has pledged to cut public transport fares to the outer suburbs of the Perth metropolitan area if re-elected, with fees to be capped at the price of a Zone 2 ticket.
Key points:

  • WA Labor says it will cap public transport fares at Zone 2 prices
  • The plan could more than halve annual transport costs in outer suburbs
  • WA’s Liberal Party has pledged to introduce tough laws for meth dealers

Under the policy, fares would be capped at $4.90 for cash tickets, $4.40 for standard Smartrider trips, and $3.90 for Smartrider auto-reload fares.
Premier Mark McGowan described it as a “game changer” for transport across the suburbs.
“No matter where you are, you’ll pay no more than two zone fares to catch public transport in Perth.”
Concession fares would be reduced to $2.10 for cash tickets or $1.68 for Smartrider auto-reload.
Residents in outer metropolitan suburbs would benefit the most from the proposed policy, with the annual cost of a 9-zone daily commute falling from $5,300 to about $1,960.
The fare policy would be introduced in January next year if the Government is re-elected in March.
The Premier said the new system would be simpler and more affordable and it would encourage use of public transport.
“We do want to ensure people can get out of their cars,” he said.
“We want to make our roads less congested.”
Liberals propose new laws for meth dealers
Meanwhile, the WA Liberal Party has announced it would introduce Australia’s harshest penalties for methamphetamine dealers if it wins the March poll.
Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup said the party would introduce mandatory minimum sentences for meth dealers, with an upper minimum of at least 15 years for the most serious offences.
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“We need a government that has the right legislative agenda to make sure we remove these meth dealers once and for all,” Mr Kirkup said.
“That’s exactly what the Liberal Party will do in government in 55 days’ time.”
Under the proposed policy, possession of more than 200 grams of the illicit drug would incur a prison sentence of at least 15 years, and possession of between 50 and 200 grams would lead to a 10-year sentence.
Possession of 10 grams of meth would garner a one-year sentence.
Mr Kirkup said he wanted to send a “clear message” to meth dealers.
“West Australians can be rest assured they will be put away for the longest time possible.”
At the announcement, Mr Kirkup was joined by former Police Union president George Tilbury, the Liberal candidate for Forrestfield, and former detective Kevin McDonald, the Liberal candidate for Thornlie.

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