Prince William and Kate Middleton are hands-down British royal family’s most adored pairs.
However, the two are still quite conscious of publicly expressing their love for one another or letting fans in on their personal lives together.
The Duchess of Cambridge recently went past that rule and made a rare public display of affection to her husband during her latest royal engagement.
Speaking to parents of pupils at Roe Green Junior in a video call, Kate and the parents discussed parenting challenges they faced during the lockdown period.
The group, at one point, was asked to scribble the name of the person who was their biggest support system during the uncertain period.
Kate, without a second thought, wrote the name Prince William, flaunting the unbreakable bond she shares with the future king.
During the chat, she also confessed that the lockdown period also made her feel a bit disoriented and exhausted as well.
“I personally feel pulled in so many different directions, she said.

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