Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Sammie, has apologised to Angel following a heated argument between the duo.
On Monday night, Sammie and his love interest, Angel, were involved in an argument when Sammie confronted her over a Truth or Dare game, in which she kissed Kayvee, a new housemate.
During the confrontation, the duo exchanged words and Angel accused Sammie of slut-shaming her.
As a result, Angel was quiet throughout Tuesday and on the night of the same day, Sammie came to apologise to her while she sat at the garden.
Sammie said, “Angel, we don’t have to work. But one thing you should understand is that we’re in a game and you probably have an edge but I don’t know what’s happening outside here.
“Whatever I did or whatever that is going through your head should not affect your game. Actually, I don’t know why you’re here but I am here for a reason. It doesn’t matter how it goes with us.
“I don’t want to think that you’re sleeping all day because of me or you have your own issues. I don’t want to know if it’s the period, it’s me or it’s because of what I said.”
“If it’s what I said, I actually told you and I’ll tell you again. Yesterday was the first time I heard the word ‘slut-shaming’. I’ve had a lot of female friends but I hardly ever get into a fight with them that I’ll end up insulting them.
“If you thought that I slut-shamed you, I did not. I said I’ve fallen for you. I didn’t fall because of your tattoos or the way you dressed.
“Falling for you was progressive. We spoke and I watched you speak. I didn’t fall because of your body, I fell because of your personality.
“If you felt I slut-shamed you, then I’m sorry.”

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